Natural therapies during pregnancy



Acupuncture – pre-labour acupuncture is a series of treatments offered from 36 weeks gestation. The aim is preparing the mother for labour and assisting the baby into the optimal position. acupuncture needles are placed in specific points on the legs, arms and feet  that assist in ripening the cervix, relaxing the mother and boosting energy levels.  Research shows that prelabour acupuncture helps reduce the length of labours and the need for interventions such as inductions,  forceps or caesarean sections.

Midwife Rachael Hastings is qualified (NZSOA) in Midwifery acupuncture contact them through the website  for further information.



Pregnancy osteopathy  - Osteopathic care can play a vital role in supporting the bio mechanical changes during pregnancy and postnatal period. As the baby grows and develops the mums body adapts to support the increased weight and shifting of gravity. This can lead to changes in posture and pressure on the joints and muscles. Osteopathic care can support these changes and improve the function of movement. Our osteopaths at Waitakere health hub are here to help


Mother warming

A technique that uses moxa(Ai Te or Artemisia)-a herb used to stimulate and warm acupuncture points. This treatment is offered on day 5 postnatal  - A treat for you! An hour of relaxation that  improves circulation, relieves pain, boosts energy levels and warms parts of the body by promoting circulation of Qi and blood. Promotes healing of the uterus and dispels certain pathogenic influences. – talk to your midwife – offered by Rachael Hastings



Hypnobirthing Is the use of hypnosis to help control breathing and naturally manage pain during labour and birth.  These classes are available in Auckland- ask your midwife for more information. 


Essential Oils have been used to stimulate, refresh, soothe and heal. During pregnancy and childbirth it is associated with reducing stress and relieving pain.


This using a diluted form of plants, minerals and salts to cure and treat a range of conditions and symptoms, according to the Law of Similars. We are lucky to have the ‘Lincoln Mall Pharmacy’ who specialise in homeopathic remedies, please discuss with the homeopath any needs you have.


The feet have reflex zones which correspond with different parts of the body, are massaged in order to help increase blood circulation and relax tension.